How to ACTUALLY achieve that New Year's resolution


Although some people may believe that New Year’s resolutions are cheesy, I love them and I always get a little excited about making my goals for the year. But New Year’s resolutions can also make us feel disappointed when we fall short of achieving our goal. Your 2019 goal is important to you. I want you to succeed and I know that you can! So I wrote down some of my best strategies for ACTUALLY achieving that New Year’s resolution so you can succeed and make 2019 an unstoppable year.

Break big dreams into small, actionable goals.

Sometimes, our big, lofty dreams can scare us to the point where we feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. When we break our big dreams into smaller goals, it feels more achievable and we are more likely to take action and succeed! And once we experience success with our first goal, it then gives us the confidence and eagerness to keep going.

Don’t aim for perfection. Aim for doing.

We aren’t perfect and we probably won’t ever be...and that’s part of what makes you YOU. If we aim for perfection, it’s inevitable that we will fail. Instead, if we aim for completing a certain action, our chance for success is much greater! So in short, it’s not about achieving the perfect outcome, but on taking the action to achieve that desired outcome.

Know your WHY behind wanting to achieve your goal.

Do you want to achieve this goal because it’s something you truly care about and will make you feel good? Or is it because you feel like you have to or are facing pressure from others? If we are passionate about the why behind what we are doing, then we will likely have the excitement and the commitment we need to succeed. And if you ever find yourself waving from reaching your goal, go back to your WHY and remember why you set out to accomplish this in the first place.

Remember that we make mistakes.

Like I said before, we aren’t perfect and we can't expect ourselves to be. If we miss one gym day (for example), remember that it’s just one day and we didn't mess up our whole year! Instead, wake up tomorrow and go after it!! Every day is a new day. We will inevitably hit bumps in the road, but as long as we keep going we will eventually get there.

Every day for a brief moment, visualize yourself achieving that goal and think about how amazing it feels.

Visualizing helps you to achieve your desired outcome by programming your subconscious mind to believe that you CAN be successful. And if you can feel and taste that feeling of success, you will be more motivated to work towards this goal since you can see the path forward.

Find friends or family who will support you or join in with you.

It’s said that we are the combination of our five closest friends. That said, we don’t need to ditch our BFF if they don’t align with our new goal, but if you have trouble staying on track, find someone who has the same goal and work together, or find someone who can support and encourage you.

I hope these strategies are effective for you and I know you can do it! And remember, if you're aiming to be healthier this year and need some support, I’m here to help.

Jillian GuerinComment