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About me

As a health and wellness coach, I have a passion for helping busy people find their zest for life through a healthy diet, lifestyle and mindset. After suffering from nonstop health issues while juggling a busy career in the corporate world, one day I decided enough was enough. From that moment on, I took control of my own health and transformed my life. Now I hope to help you do the same. Find out more about me and my story.


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If you're overwhelmed and struggling with consistent health issues, weight gain, and a general “blah” feeling, let's work together so you can find clarity, take control of your life and finally feel your best.

Together we'll transform your nutrition, exercise and mindset in a way that works for you and brings you LASTING results.

By the end of your program, you'll be feeling lighter + happier, have more energy, diminish your chronic health issues, and finally understand yourself and your body once and for all.

Package Options

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1 Month


Perfect for those just looking for a health reboot and whose goal is to get back on track.

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3 Month


Ideal for those who need someone to offer more guidance and hold them accountable to achieving their goals.

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6 Month


Best for those who hope to feel their absolute best and make a healthy lifestyle lasting and sustainable.


A la Carte Services

  • Pantry sweep*

  • Grocery store tour*

  • Diet journal analysis

I can work with people in person in Orange County, CA and virtually through phone, Skype or FaceTime.

*For local residents only.

Find out more about what it’s like to work with me.


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